meet our indie stylists

All of the indie stylists are independent licensed professionals, ready to provide you with outstanding service and a memorable experience. Every indie stylist has a unique style and vast array of experience to offer. Read their profiles to find the best fit your own personal style.

Call 239-243-0429 and listen to the prompts to be connected to the stylist of your choice.


Lisa Dusseau

Known for her vision, passion and expertise, Lisa Dusseau has dedicated her career to helping women look and feel beautiful.

Her approach to hair can be described as current and classic. She’s inspired by fashion, music and travel; the energy and culture of city life fuel her creativity. A life-long learner, Lisa studies beauty trends, cutting and coloring techniques, and holds several prestigious hair styling certifications and awards.

Lisa maintains a visual point of view and has developed a reputation for taking each client’s lifestyle, face shape and coloring into consideration. Her warm demeanor, expert skills and understanding of her clients’ needs attracts both new clientele and loyal customers.

Lisa’s talent and business acumen, combined with a desire to offer other stylists independence, mentorship and support, enabled her to open Indie Studio Salons in 2010. Indie Dri Bar, her newest venture, opened in 2017. Indie Studio Salons and Dri Bar offer a clean, modern design aesthetic, luxurious products and a vibrant energy.

Base Price:
HC/BD             $70
Color/Highlights     $100
Single Process Color    $68 Davines Color $80

Products: Balmain Hair Couture, Davines, Loreal Professional Line, Sachajuan, Brazilian Blowout


Monika Klyce Cell: 239-887-0256

Originally from Cape Coral, Florida, Monika takes a natural, easy and fun approach to doing hair. She has an innate talent of really listening and visualizing exactly what the client is describing. The highest compliment she can receive is “This is exactly what I wanted!”

She loves to solve color correction issues and balancing cuts that don’t work fluidly. She is inspired by old Hollywood glamour, creating looks from the 40s, 70s, and 80s with a new modern edge. She loves to change her own look and evolve with the times.

Her best hair tip is wearing a style that most fits YOU and your lifestyle and personality.

The love and smiles her clients bless her with are her greatest assets, her personal achievement is balance and peace.

Base Price: Balagage 150 Brazilian Blowout 200 HC/BD 60 AND UP HC/Style 35 AND UP Color/Highlights 100 AND UP Single Process Color 60

Products: RedKen / Schwarzkopf / IGK Bedhead




Bradilyn Horvath                                                                     Cell: 239-994-1321

Stylist Since 2001

Base Price:
HC/BD             $50
Color/Highlights   $100
Single Process Color    $55 (base)

Products: Amika and Limited Pureology


Emily Pease
Cell: 239-340-1181

Emily moved to Fort Myers in 2000 from Baltimore, MD. The best part of her day is making her guests feel beautiful and happy.  She loves spending time with her amazing family.  Consults are free. Text or call for price!

indie dri bar

Our fun and relaxed dry bar is available by appointment so you can treat yourself to a blowout. We offer hair products by Balmain Paris Hair Couture to give you a professional and polished look!

Emily Pease

Emily Transplanted to Ft. Myers in 2000 from Baltimore. She has been a stylist for over 20 years and the best part about her work day is making her guests feel beautiful and happy. Her favorite thing in the world is spending time with her amazing family.

Lori Centalonza

Lori has been a hairstylist for 10 years. She loves the hair industry, but took a short break to stay home and raise her daughter. Indie Dri Bar is the perfect part-time opportunity to keep her in the industry, continuing to make women feel beautiful. She has always taken pride in her finishing/styling blowouts. When she is not working, she enjoys cooking, baking and traveling with her family in her RV. She invites you to come and see her for gorgeous blowouts, sleek hair makeovers or some beach waves!


Cara Epperson
Cell: 239-851-5528

Stylist Since 2004

Cara’s open and honest approach to doing hair is what drives her passion to create styles that best suite her clients. She loves to help clients decide whether they should grow their hair long or cut it short.  

If you are looking for a big change, Cara can help that transformation come to life. She loves both cutting and coloring and ready to help you get the desired result you are looking for. A Ft. Myers native, Cara is inspired by art, architecture and textures.

Base Price:
HC/BD            $65
HC/Style         $65
Color/Highlights     $185
Single Process Color    $80

Products: Davines


Aimee Handy
Cell: 239-784-6583

Stylist Since 2002

Inspired by each of her client’s individual style, Aimee started in the beauty industry in 2002.
A Bumble & Bumble Network Educator, Redken specialist, certified to do Hothead and Hairtalk Extensions and Brazilian Blowout specialist. Aimee is a well-rounded experienced stylist ready to listen to your needs and lifestyle to give you the look that not only looks great but works with your personal lifestyle.

She loves to help clients take their damaged hair to healthy and recommends using good products to get the best results.

Originally from London, Ohio, Aimee is a busy mom of boys her personal style is BohoChic, she understands that a person’s hair should fit their lifestyle.  She is ready to listen and give you the look that works for you.

Base Price:
HC/BD                  $60
HC/Style               $40+
Color/Highlights     $130+    
Single Process Color    $70

Products: Onesta, Amika, Purology, Brazilian Blowout, NewWash



Katie Perry
Cell: 239-770-7734

Stylist since 2003

Katie loves to transform fine, limp hair by building volume and length using hair extensions. An experienced stylist, Katie wants to know what her client’s lifestyle is like before recommending a style or treatment. She wants to help her guests realize there is no such thing as wash and go hair in Florida.

Redken certified, Katie has traveled to NYC for Redken and Bumble and Bumble training to master her craft. She is also Hot Heads Hair Extension certified and attended the Las Vegas Symposium.

Born in Conway, NH she describes her personal style as classic and natural with a dash of sexy. She recommends not to wash and style your hair every day, but to use a great dry shampoo that can do the work for you.

Base Price: starting
HC/BD             $50
Color/Highlights     $110
Single Process Color    $65

Products: Amika, Moroccan Oil, Brazilian Blowout, Grande Lash and Brow



Staci Myers
Cell: 815-355-0904

Stylist Since 1998

Staci’s passion is for cutting short trendy hair.  Before she works with a client she likes to find out what the client is willing to use on their hair and time they are willing to spend on their hair.  This way she can deliver great results that fit into each person’s lifestyle.

Base Price:
HC/BD             $60
HC/Style         $60
Partial Highlight $70 Full $110
Single Process Color    $60

Products: Cote (plant based), Cliove (plant based) (keratin products), Purology, some RedKen



Sarah Massey

A versatile stylist, Sarah gravitates to various dry-cutting techniques and fun, textured looks.  She can deliver a short edgy cut or create soft blending movement for longer hair. She loves to create natural looking color as much as she likes the fun unicorn colors.

Sarah enjoys educating her clients, because she wants them to understand what she is doing and why. She prides herself with always trying to understand her clients needs by having a detailed consultation.  If she can help a client save time or money by making a different choice in their hairstyle she feels she has succeed at her job.

Grateful to have a career and talent that she genuinely loves, Sarah approaches her craft with integrity, understanding and desire to continue to learn and perfect her skill.

Sarah finds inspiration from nature, art and vast array of fellow talented stylists she follows on social media.  She describes her personal style as eclectic with a mix of edgy, sporting and touch of girly.

She recommends that everyone use professional products on their hair to give the best results. With the variety to choose from, there is something for everyone. If you are in a hurry she recommends styling the one thing that is most important. She also says learning to braid will add to your bag of tricks at home.

Base Price:
HC/BD             $60
Color/Highlights     $108
Single Process Color    $63
Products: Arrojo, Amika, Keratherapy


Katy Ciccarello
Cell: 239 357 9004

Stylist Since 2006

From Kansas City, MO

Base Price:
HC/BD $50
Color/Highlights $75-100
Single Process Color $60
Products: Redkin, Shades, Fusion


Dominique Snyder
Cell: 239 440 4953

Stylist Since 2006

Dominique, originally from Fort Myers has been called “bleached queen” for her skill at doing anything a little out of the ordinary.  She loves doing rainbow hair color and creating new and exciting looks for her clients.  If your hair has been damaged during the coloring process, she can help you restore it.

Always concerned for the hair’s health, Dominique, encourages her clients to keep hair moisturized with integrity to look healthy when styled.

She recommends to stop shampooing every day, wash with cold/lukewarm water 1-2 times a week and always use a conditioner and leave-in condition after.

Products: IGK, AG, VERB


Claire Hannan Cell: 239 248 6168

Stylist Since 2008

Originally from Gainesville, Claire specializes in makeovers, color corrections, long hair and blondes. Her style is trendy, but unique.

She handles her clients with a common-sense approach. She asks what the clients wants to gain a clear vision and then discusses the maintenance of the style and execution.

Claire loves the challenge of repairing chemical and heat damaged hair and is inspired by her clients.

Claire recommends using professional shampoo, conditioner and heat protection spray. She also suggests that you don’t cut your own bangs.

HC/BD $60

HC/Style $60

Color/Highlights $85+

Single Process Color  $60

Products: AG, IGK, Pureology, Kenra, It’s a 10


Tammy Toscano
Cell: 239-462-7415

Stylist Since 1992

Originally from Selma Indiana, Tammy brings her extensive salon experience to Studio 13. She believes really listening to her clients is important to deliver the results they want to see. She loves to create texture and volume and inspired by Hollywood’s most famous hair stylists. Her fun and funky style combined with her education and experience create a great balance.

Tammy spent 12 years as salon owner and another 13 years working in a high-end salon.

Tammy’s best hair care tip; “Use dry shampoo for texture and oil for ends.”
Base Price:
HC/BD $50
Color/Highlights $150 and up
Single Process Color $50
Products: Purology, Amika, Moroccan Oil, IGK, L’ANZA


Susan Cypher Cell 239-410-5692

Susan Cypher began her career in the beauty industry more than 40 years ago. After relocating from Michigan to Florida, Sue not only opened a business, but she built a brand. Sue continues to grow her beauty knowledge by attending classes, hair shows, and constantly studying beauty trends. She is a master stylist, passionate about color, cut and transformations. She forecasts trends and keeps her clients looking fresh, relevant, and ready to conquer the world.